2023 157E contaminated water should not be released into the ocean


2022 155E We urge all nuclear weapon states to immediately commit to no first use of nuclear weapons
2022 151E We urge the immediate stop of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia


2021 146E The Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games should not be held in summer 2021.


2020 145E We oppose the military coup in Myanmar and urge the restoration and advancement of democratization
2020 143E Congratulations on the ratification of 50 states of the treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons
2020 139E Opposing the deployment of low-yield nuclear warhead on the US nuclear submarines.
2020 138E We condemn the killing of the Iranian Commander by US and request all parties to make every effort to settle peacefully this dangerous Crisis.


2019 137E His Holiness Pope Francis The Vatican.
2019 136E Japan should not normalize the oversea deployment of Self-Defense Forces -Japan should realize the danger making the intention, for exertion of the collective right to self-defense, an accomplished fact and rather should develop a proactive non-military peace-building initiative. –
2019 135E We support the forceful messages of Pope Francis in Nagasaki and in Hiroshima.


2018 129E Wishing for the success of the US-DPRK Summit Talk and hoping a contribution from Japan.
2018 128E We demand the withdrawal of the U.S. Nuclear Posture Review 2018,and of the supportive statement of Taro Kono, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan.


2017 127E At a critical crossroads to the future of Japan – We refuse to play a Game aiming to seize Government Power where the Citizens are ignored –
2017 125E The Parliamentary System of Japan is about to Die
2017 124E We oppose the legislation under the pretext of preventing the preparation for terrorism


2015 116E Let us strengthen solidarity with the overwhelming majority of the people of Okinawa opposing the Plan to construct a new US Military Base in the Henoko Bay.


2012 106E We call upon citizens and governments of Israel and Iran


2011 104E A Farewell to Nuclear Power Plants: An appeal of seven Japanese scientists and intellectuals


2010 103E Mr. Ban Ki-moon Secretary General of the United Nation
2010 102E We urge all states to start negotiating for a convention on prohibition and destruction of nuclear weapons leading to its earliest conclusion


2009 101E Request to President B. Obama
2009 100E Appeal to President B. Obama calling upon concrete actions
2009 99E The Aichi-Nagoya Appeal
2009 97E Urgent Appeal calling upon the cessation of attack by Israel on Gaza


2008 92E Appeal to the Leaders gathering at the G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit


2007 91E Outer Space Basic Bill Should Be Under Reconsideration


2006 89E Appeal on the nuclear weapon test by the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea


2005 For a World where Peoples Live in Peace


2004 83E Appeal on the Immediate Renunciation to Depend on Nuclear Weapons and on Their Early Abolition
2004 Members of The Committee of Seven for World Peace Appeal