2010 103E Mr. Ban Ki-moon Secretary General of the United Nation

WP7 No.103E
At Nagasaki, Japan on August 5, 2010
The Committee of Seven for World Peace Appeal
Kinhide Mushakoji, Hideo Tsuchiyama, Yoshino Oishi,
Kayoko Ikeda, Michiji Konuma, Satoru Ikeuchi


Dear Mr. Secretary General,
We sincerely welcome your visit to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We have appreciated your eager efforts to realize a world free from nuclear weapons, including your keynote address “The United Nations and security in a nuclear-weapon-free world” delivered at a symposium held in the United Nations Headquarters on October 24, 2008 and your leadership at various occasions in the United Nations.
The Committee of Seven for World Peace Appeal was established by seven leading intellectuals in Japan on November 11, 1955 with the first statement “An Appeal to the 10th General Assembly of the United Nations” appealing to strengthen the role of the UN and to seek the abolition of war. It was in the following year of US hydrogen bomb experiments at Bikini Atolls which led serious consequences to Japanese fishermen and Marshall Islanders and in the same year when the Russell-Einstein Manifesto was issued, stating that ‘Remember your humanity and forget the rest’.
Since then the Committee has issued 102 international and domestic appeals by July 2010 based on peace, justice and humanity by personal capacity independent from outside.  We have pursued the abolition of nuclear weapons from the beginning, convincing that any conflicts in the world should be solved by peaceful means.  We believe that the possession of nuclear weapons and the adoption of the doctrine of nuclear umbrella should be and can be abandoned without exception for any nations. The latest appeal was “We urge all states to start negotiating for a convention on prohibition and destruction of nuclear weapons leading to its earliest conclusion” issued on April 8, 2010 where we referred explicitly your address of October 24, 2008. We are sure that these appeals are of the same spirit with yours. We attach a set of copies of these two appeals.

We strongly support your position and express our sincere hope that you will continue to push your efforts forward in materializing the complete abolition and destruction of nuclear weapons. We pledge to make further efforts to realize a nuclear-weapon-free and war-free world with you.

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