2020 143E Congratulations on the ratification of 50 states of the treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons

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WP7 No.143E

October 25, 2020
Committee of Seven to Appeal for World Peace
Kinhide Mushakoji, Yoshino Oishi, Michiji Konuma, Satoru Ikeuchi, Shin’ichiro Ikebe, Kaoru Takamura, Susumu Shimazono

The nuclear weapons killed many lives in the world since Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The suffering of Hibakushas continues even today. The warheads of nuclear weapons are deployed with operational forces and a part of which are on high alert, ready for use on short notice. A new world will come shortly that the nuclear weapons are prohibited legally together with the Chemical and the Biological Weapons. The nuclear deterrence doctrine depending on nuclear weapons is not the way to world peace but an inhuman policy.

We urge strongly to the non-participating governments including Japan to sign and to ratify this treaty. We continue to appeal them to step together to a world without nuclear weapons which is clear trend of the present world community.

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