2017 125E The Parliamentary System of Japan is about to Die

WP7 No.125E

October 9, 2017
The Committee of Seven to Appeal for World Peace
Kinhide Mushakoji, Yoshino Oishi, Michiji Konuma, Satoru Ikeuchi,
Shin-ichiro Ikebe, Kaoru Takamura and Susumu Shimazono

Since Premier Abe declared the dissolution of the House of Representative at the Opening of the Extraordinary Session of the Diet, Japan experiences unprecedented turbulent days toward the election on the coming October 22.

Premier Abe has recently misinformed the public by covering up the daily reports of the Self Defense Forces participating in the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations (PKO) in South Sudan which contained information embarrassing for the Government assuring the armed conflicts which would have required the recalling of the Japanese Troops. He, also refused to provide information to the Diet, representing the citizens, who demanded explanation on his personal involvement in the Government choice to support the establishment of two educational institutions, Moritomo Gakuen and Kake Gakuen, which were suspected to be an unfair exercise of his power to benefit his personal friends. These cases have exposed him as a politician who lacks sincerity.

We, the Committee of Seven to Appeal for World Peace, cannot keep silent in face of the repeated imposition on the public opinion of de facto state of affairs, contrary to the present Constitution. which were unduly reducing the human rights shared by the citizen of Japan through the heavy-handed adoption in the Diet of the Act on the Protection of Specially Designated Secrets, the Laws regarding National Security, and the Law against Premeditation.

Premier Abe’s decision to abrogate the Constitution Preamble and Article 9, Paragraphs 1 and 2, which does not allow to develop present joint activities of the Self Defense Forces with the Armed Forces of the United States as a part of the Collective Security, is un-Constitutional. His wish to propose a Referendum on a revision of the Constitution legalizing the present role of the Self Defense Forces goes against the seventy years accumulation of Democratic Will of the Japanese people. This ardent wish is unacceptable given the fact that the present Constitution has entirely no reason to be abrogated. We will oppose this plan mobilizing the whole nation of Japan to stop this useless abuse of power by the Abe Administration.

In the forthcoming election, the real division of the pro-Government and opposition lies between those who support or oppose the use of Collective Security, the acceptability of present laws regarding National Security, the revision of the Constitution. The emergence of a third political force, the Kibo Party, does not create a triangular opposition among three parties, since this new party shares the position of the Government about the above three issues. The difference, thus, exists between a political bloc, which supports democracy and want to promote its historical development, and a group having opposite tendency shared by the LDP and the Kibo Party.

We will aim building a Japan where human rights of all individuals are respected, a Japan which does not rely on military forces, and a Japan where the balance among the legislative, the judicial, and the executive power is re-established. We will continue all efforts to progress, step by step, in a World where all peoples recognize each-others’ life-style and historical background.

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