2004 83E Appeal on the Immediate Renunciation to Depend on Nuclear Weapons and on Their Early Abolition

WP7 No.83E
April 26, 2004
Committee of Seven for World Peace Appeal
Kodi Husimi, Ikuo Hirayama, Kinhide Mushakoji, Hideo Tsuchiyama,
Yoshino Oishi, Hisashi Inoue, Kayoko Ikeda,
Michiji Konuma (Secretary General)


The humankind missed two opportunities to abolish nuclear weapons just after the Second World War in 1940’s and after the termination of the cold war in 1990’s. As a result the world is still far from stability and the danger of nuclear proliferation is increasing.

In New York, USA, the Preparation Committee for the 2005 Review Conference of Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) starts just today.

We, the Committee of Seven, address, on this occasion, the following appeal to the people in Japan and of the World at large.

1. The five declared nuclear-weapon states in the NPT should act immediately their unequivocal undertaking promised in the year 2000 for the total elimination of their nuclear arsenals

We call upon the five declared nuclear-weapon states to present immediately an irreversible program and to carry out their unequivocal undertaking committed at the 2000 NPT Review Conference for the total elimination of their nuclear arsenals including small nuclear weapons. The achievement should be reported openly by the 2000 NPT Review Conference.

2. Clear statement should be made against nuclear armament and nuclear proliferation

We call upon states which are regarded to have capability for nuclear armament, including Japan, and states which are regarded to possess nuclear weapons, including Israel, to express clearly their intention to oppose nuclear armament and nuclear proliferation, and to take concrete actions accordingly.

3. Nuclear-weapon-free zones should be established in Middle East and in North-East Asia

Deeply concerned by the present disorder in the Middle East, we call upon the concerned states and the United Nations to establish nuclear-weapon-free zones urgently after verification of the Israeli nuclear weapons.We also call upon the six nations, China, Japan, North and South Korea, Russia and USA, presently engaged in promoting peace on the Korean Peninsula to agree to the creation of a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the North-East Asia, and to take actions to realize it.This is because to start a negotiation on the said nuclear-weapon-free zones and to take actions to realize them, will be a great contribution for peace in the Middle East and in the North-East Asia, in the midst of a so-called war on terrorism.

4. Japan should abandon her nuclear-weapon-dependent so-called nuclear umbrella policy.

We call upon the Japanese Government to abandon and to transform her policy on the so-called nuclear umbrella, by which Japanese security is supposed to depend on the US nuclear weapons, and should establish a sustainable peaceful society in the world and especially .in the North-East Asia.


The Committee of Seven for World Peace Appeal was established in Japan in 1955. Since then 82 appeals were addressed to Japanese and World community. All appeals have been based on humanity and peaceful spirit of the Japanese Constitution. The past members include Hideki Yukawa (Nobel Laureate in physics in 1949), Sin-itiro Tomonaga (Nobel Laureate in physics in 1965) and Yasunari Kawabata (Nobel Laureate in literature in 1968).

Professor Michiji Konuma,
Secretary General,
The Committee of Seven for World Peace Appeal
Fax: +81-(0)45-891-8386
e-mail: mkonuma254@m4.dion.ne.jp

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