A party of white Kotobuki of Mr. Koji Fushimi that the participant who is more than 200 people celebrates white Kotobuki

The party that celebrated white Kotobuki of Mr. Koji Fushimi who reached calendar year 99 years old was bachelor Hall of Tokyo / Kanda in the afternoon of 3rd, and it was opened. Mr. Fushimi 1909 (is born in June 29, 1909 as for this year number えの 99 years old.) The people who exceeded 200 of a wide field gathered in the meeting place with an open thing by an appeal of people of more than 70 who included all committees of seven world peace appeals Committee.
When the meeting was pushed forward by the chairmanship of the association of Masuhiko Otsuka / former atomic energy security study managing director director of the pupil of Mr. Fushimi and acted as a Councilor with Kenzo Yamamoto who was in Nagoya University when Fushimi teacher was invited to the first generation director of Nagoya University institute of plasma physics first in 1961 from 1983, Wakako Hironaka who worked as a fellow worker between 3 in the latter half spoke a congratulatory address. Jiro Kondo of the former Natl. Inst. for Environmental Studies head who acted as Chairperson at Science Council of Japan after Mr. Fushimi successively asked it leading of the toast.

It was the author of the flower of the rose of a lot of origami which I displayed a meeting place, and a demonstration was with it, and, following a talk, Toshikazu Kawasaki of the mathematician of Tokushima that was a creator of this way of folding to be known as “Kawasaki rose” globally spoke a celebration after this, and Michiji Konuma introduced the memory publication. There were the child of Mr. Fushimi, a grandchild, an introduction of great-grand children successively, and a photograph to show step in 99 of the Fushimi teacher in by an introduction of Yuzuru Fushimi of the son was projected by a meeting place.
And Hideo Tsuchiyama who rushed from Nagasaki “is only the people who do not stop if the member of present 7 Committee begins to speak it, but while Fushimi teachers always nod, hear it, and come, and have comment on the turning point turning point precisely”. Was to say that was driven away in advanced age,; but we with what when want to stay, ask, and have attend anytime by saying with an honor committee. My specialty is medicine, but, as for the human life, 110 years old, 120 years old are not rare medically. I please told that take care I wanted to ask for guidance forever.
Finally Mr. Fushimi who went on the platform because did not “think that lived long so much, it has been it to 99 years old without preparing for the heart”. Do not understand how should have lived, but do it in various ways from now on; and work to be related to a peace movement in the last is worked. I did social service by help of all of you, but I am sorry that there is not ability and is not helpful very much. I gathered and opened such a pleasant meeting and said hello while you’re busy when thank you very much.
To a participant the rose of the origami and “a note of breeding” was “distributed がおみやげに” about “electronic – atomic physics 10 episodes to wave”.
There was an introduction from Onuma on that day because “Hideki Yukawa birth 100 memory lecture” was just opened as a part of an atomic nucleus physics international conference (INPC2007) founded in Tokyo, and there was the person who left for there, and it was it with the day when you should have memorialized it.

(Secretariat / Shigetake Maruyama)