2017 125E The Parliamentary System of Japan is about to Die

2017 125E The Parliamentary System of Japan is about to Die

WP7 No.125E

June 10, 2017
The Committee of Seven to Appeal for World Peace
Kinhide Mushakoji, Hideo Tsuchiyama, Yoshino Oishi,
Michiji Konuma, Satoru Ikeuchi, Shin-ichiro Ikebe and Kaoru Takamura

There has been no other case that the Parliamentary System and the Japanese Citizens, to which this system is supposed to be responsible, has been neglected by the Government in Japan.
The bill against conspiracy, which is going to modify the fundamental principles ruling the Post WW2 Japan, has been unable to become the object of serious deliberations in the Diet due to the incredible fact that the Minister of Justice who does not understand the content of this legislation cannot give a consistent description of its contents. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe himself does not want to engage sincere discussions and only evades giving meaningful responses to the questions addressed to him. The questions by the opposition parties have not led to any serious dialogue due to irrelevant statements, irresponsible and obstinate remarks and digression by the Prime Minister and his Government colleagues. The time spent on these meaningless remarks is included in the limited time of deliberation. The forcefully imposed voting will reflect only the overwhelming number of the Majority. This has become common practice since the Parliamentary debate of the Law for the Protection of Special Secrecy and the Legislations Regarding National Security.
The Prime Minister, the Majority Parliamentarians, and the bureaucrats seem to pay no attention that each one of their statements is recorded and will become part of history. The Government and the bureaucrats destroy many official documents which are awkward to them. Even in documents they make public, questionable words are covered in black ink and made unreadable. Now to say that black is white and to tell that existing documents do not exist has become common practice. Any media who wants to tell the truth are silenced by Government blackmail.

Where is there such a Democratic State? It is quite natural that not only domestic public opinions but also United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Speech and the International Pen Club declare their deep concerns about the Japanese Parliamentary Procedures. It is unfortunate that their comments are only meeting the hysterical reactions by the Japanese Government.
The Japanese Government insists that the legislation against conspiracy is indispensable to ratify the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime. This claim is not the correct statement and the Convention is not for the countermeasures against terrorism. The Government misleads the people by the misinterpretation at the Parliament.

This unfortunate situation of the Government and Majority Parliamentarians has reached a level intolerable to the citizens of Japan. The political system of this Country has now become entirely the private property of Prime Minister Abe. We regret to admit that Japan is in this way a Fascist State. It is nothing but a terrible nightmare for the citizens of Japan that this Government wants to abrogate the present Constitution.
The fact that the explanation by the Japanese Government is completely fabricated shows the hidden intention of the Government on the present bill against conspiracy. The Abe administration puts their plan into action to kill the Parliament, to kill Freedom and Diversity, to kill media and to kill Democracy.

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