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World Peace 7 : Remove security clause from atomic law to avoid hurting Japan's interests
on 2012-7-18 10:47:25 (1398 reads)

From the Kyodo News, 18 July 2012

World Peace 7 : A party of white Kotobuki of Mr. Koji Fushimi that the participant who is more than 200 people celebrates white Kotobuki
  on 2007-8-31 11:30:00 (6594 reads)

The party that celebrated white Kotobuki of Mr. Koji Fushimi who reached calendar year 99 years old was bachelor Hall of Tokyo / Kanda in the afternoon of 3rd, and it was opened. Mr. Fushimi 1909 (is born in June 29, 1909 as for this year number えの 99 years old.) The people who exceeded 200 of a wide field gathered in the meeting place with an open thing by an appeal of people of more than 70 who included all committees of seven world peace appeals Committee.
 When the meeting was pushed forward by the chairmanship of the association of Masuhiko Otsuka / former atomic energy security study managing director director of the pupil of Mr. Fushimi and acted as a Councilor with Kenzo Yamamoto who was in Nagoya University when Fushimi teacher was invited to the first generation director of Nagoya University institute of plasma physics first in 1961 from 1983, Wakako Hironaka who worked as a fellow worker between 3 in the latter half spoke a congratulatory address. Jiro Kondo of the former Natl. Inst. for Environmental Studies head who acted as Chairperson at Science Council of Japan after Mr. Fushimi successively asked it leading of the toast.

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