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From the Kyodo News, 18 July 2012

Appeal 104

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About the Committee of Seven for World Peace Appeal

As of October 13, 2006
The Committee of Seven for World Peace Appeal was established in Japan in 1955. Since then 89 appeals were addressed to Japanese and World community. All appeals have been based on humanity and peaceful spirit of the Japanese Constitution. The past members include Hideki Yukawa (Nobel Laureate in physics in 1949), Sin-itiro Tomonaga (Nobel Laureate in physics in 1965), Yasunari Kawabata (Nobel Laureate in literature in 1968) and Masatoshi KOSHIBA (Nobel Laureate in physics in 2002).

Members of the Committee of Seven for World Peace Appeal

HUSIMI Kodi, physicist
Professor Emeritus, Osaka University and Nagoya University; Former
President; Science Council of Japan; Former member, The House of Councilors,
MUSHAKOJI Kinhide, researcher on international politics
Professor and Director, Center for Asia Pacific Partnership, Osaka University of Economics and Law; Former Vice-Rector, United Nations University
TSUCHIYAMA Hideo, pathologist
Professor Emeritus and Former President, Nagasaki University
OISHI Yoshino, photo journalist
Professor, Tokyo Polytechnic University
INOUE Hisashi, writer
President. Japan P.E.N. Club
IKEDA Kayoko, translator on German literature; researcher on oral literature
KONUMA Michiji, physicist
Professor Emeritus. Keio University and Musashi Institute of Technology
World Peace 7